Our Company

Shenzhen UVLED optical technology co., ltd, a decade year old company which was found in October,2010, has 700 employees. In early stage, she specializes in UV technology applications, and patented “SUNUV”. Based on its professional technology and stable supply chain, we entered UV market in 2013, and we have our brand ”SUNUV”. There are many disinfection methods in our daily life, just because of inconvenience, we don’t use them often. SUNUV technology brings us one-click disinfection, keeps children, adults and the elderly away from germs, and contributes to the health of human life. With the advantage of high-quality, high-efficiency, low-cost dual light source UV beads, SUNUV is not only fashion & beauty, but also cost-efficient, and it’s highly thought of by domestic and international customers, which lead to the new time.